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Do you guys think there’d be less complaining about sprites and other retired familiars if they were in their own separate ‘limited and retired’ bestiary or something? Just something I thought about (someone else almost certainly already has).

That’s definitely one of the peeves for me… It bugs me to know that no matter what, I’ll always have these grayed-out entries in the bestiary. :(


Twin Birth Rate By US State, 1995 to 2012


Twin Birth Rate By US State, 1995 to 2012


My Zuko cosplay. <3


My Zuko cosplay. <3


More Wondy

Costume by myself

Photos by Big Guy Slim



i made a new skyrim character whose main goal in life is to steal all of the cheese in skyrim for herself


she hasn’t gotten very far yet but she’s off to a good start


three cities worth of cheese… i’d call that progress

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This one time on Wyrmrest I walked into Silvermoon City on my warlock, and this dude I passed on the street turned his nose up and said “I smell fel magic”

and I was like “good for you dude, you’re in Silvermoon fucking City” but he stopped me and was all “how DARE you bring your demonic taint into our sacred city”

"dude we’re standing on Murder Row, Murder Row"

"no self-respecting Sin’Dorei of any standing would ever dream of polluting themselves with the touch of fel magic"

"you do realize there is a giant floating demon crystal floating directly over your head"

Like what the heck man, what even the heck

did he miss the part where smc was rebuilt with fel magic

and that everyone ate fel magic???



fish shaming [x]

jesus christ i’ve been waiting for this


god bless sdcc